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Mentor/Strategist, Alphanista

Maryann Reid

I visited Josephine Baker's home in 2008. It was a tough year for me with breakups and breakdowns. I had lost connection with myself, my body, and with others until I felt isolated. I was a late bloomer when it came to self-care, and didn't have the step-by-step guide on how to wash my face properly, or what self-love really meant. I thought, "I take care of my nails, and hair, and brush my teeth every morning, that's self-care".I pushed through jobs and relationships, always wondering why others walked away with more than I did. On rushed NYC mornings to the train, or pushing through the complexity of life, I also felt something missing. I felt robotic, mechanical. I missed pleasure, sensuality, adventure, mystery, and more. How could I get those?After many years of hearing about Josephine's life, the books, movies, and women like her, I started to find out.I grabbed a last-minute trip to Paris, France to get up close to this legend and the mystery behind how she became one of the most famous women in the world in one of the darkest periods in history.I visited her Chateaum walked through her rooms and literally felt enraptured by her journey.Her colorful, fabulous costumes, flawless skin, historical firsts, and her receipt of thousands of marriage proposals without being theoretically beautiful, or even the most talented, is noteworthy. The funeral director said, he had had never seen a more beautiful, exquisite body on a 68 year old. What did she know as a woman that we didn't?Since, I published books of women's fiction by St Martins Press and created Alphanista, an online platform for alpha females. I studied the lives of women who started with nothing and seemingly ended up with more than they could ever imagine.Josephine became an inspiration for my characters, and now this course. Through her deep, rich, enthralling life story of being pursued, discarded, loved, idolized, and never forgotten, I developed specific tools any woman can incorporate in her self care and take it to an extreme level. I practiced these tools, until I cultivated my own inner Josephine at work, in my career, and with my body to manifest my desires and subdue what may impede them. Finally, I felt free again.I learned how sensuality opens the door to becoming the woman I was meant to be without discarding my "bad" parts or my power as a woman.I attracted my first six figure job using these principles, as well as men doing everything they can to spend time with me, and most importantly, I found myself back on the journey to becoming the best version of myself - faults included. It's a journey. And I rather be on it with a sexy, hot muse like Josephine.I've taught courses at Fordham University, the University of Miami, and the City University of NY, and nothing comes close to what I've created with Bring Out Your Inner Josephine.

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