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You sell it first.

Create influence and “pull” in the marketplace to draw publishers and agents to you.

Here are some possible ways someone who sells their book before it’s even written gets a book deal. They:

  • Attract opportunities and relationships that help them meet their publishing goals
  • Get “discovered” by publishers and agents when they build a platform and raise their profile
  • Establish themselves in the media as an expert and are “out there”
  • Create a multi-platform message that draws support from others
  • Appeal to others with an easy-to-understand, hi-concept, commercial idea
  • Create a tribe-like following

Doing this on your own can takes months or years of consistency. Some may call this “clout” or having leverage.

Clout is “pull” and can influence others to make decisions. It also gives publishers and agents the confidence to make an investment in you. It is about drawing the opportunities to you before you invest the time in writing a book that won’t sell. Believe me, I’ve been there and seen it happen. But you can't "pull" or attract anything if nobody sees you. You must get more visibility.

People buy things from people they like. If nobody knows who you are, what you care about, and why they should listen, it’s like wasting valuable time—yours and theirs.

A book should be part of your overall plan and foundation for success. It’s important to have several important elements in place that work together to create a clamor for your books with less effort--before a book is even written.

What I know you won't find on Google.

With several novels and books (Sex and the Single Sister, Use Me Or Lose Me, Marry Your Baby Daddy, Mrs. Big, Every Man For Herself, Mr. Satisfaction, Chocolate Kisses) under my belt by St Martins Press and Penguin and currently launching several new projects as I write this, it’s no wonder I still get many emails a week asking me how I was able to build a platform with fiction and raise my profile as a go-to lifestyle and social issues expert. One thing I learned with my book Marry Your Baby Daddy was how to create an addictive message that engages an audience and makes them feel good.

I "romanced" my audience and helped countless couples actualize their own dream wedding. My books have been featured on CNN, The New Yorker, ABC News 20/20, NBC Nightly News, the Oprah Winfrey Radio Network, NY Daily News, The Wendy Williams Experience, Essence, NPR, CBS Early Show and so much more.

There are so many stories of solo entrepreneurs and creative professionals who think that writing the book is the first step. They are unsure of how to create an addictive message that people crave and how to do it with little effort and save lots of time. Casting a wide net can delay your progress and dilute your message and visibility when you think "everyone" will be a potential buyer or fan.

The perks to being a successfully published, highly visible author w/a viable platform are endless:

  • Always be recognized as an “author” even if you just wrote one book
  • Have the time and ability to take vacations and earn money anywhere your laptop goes
  • Get invites to paid speaking engagements at corporate events and colleges
  • Meet influential people and get access to events and notable happenings that help you make more money as an author
  • Get free hotel/air for book tours, or to events by corporate sponsors
  • and so much more

The Sell It Before You Write It Monthly Membership gives you the nuts and bolts of how to position yourself and build a platform in a way that attracts publishers and agents to work with you, and readers to buy. This is the much awaited version of my live bootcamp that is no longer available because I didn't have enough space in my calendar to meet the demand. I wanted to make sure everyone still had a chance to publish a book that supports their professional and financial goals. I designed an exclusive package anyone in the world can access with a click at home in their pajamas or from a cafe in Paris.

Do people like it?

"Before I got started with Maryann, I was stuck, and somewhat shy and did not know how I was going to market my novel. I was at a stand still. I needed a new way of looking at my book and a strategic way to get it to the media without being pushy. Maryann helped me develop new ideas and execute the ones I always wanted to do.

Sell It Before You Write It, showed me step by step how to develop an action plan and see it through. It gave me access to Maryann and her expertise so I was not doing this alone. The bootcamp showed me how I should reach out to the media, ways to quickly increase my visibility, and get results. I set up an event to finally put my book out there, invited guests and read excerpts from my book. I got a TV interview that attracted more media exposure for me. I am also working on a new blog, a column and positioning myself as a "Passion Expert". I was so satisfied that I signed up for more. I am on track for more results in the next 6 months, more media appearances, and increasing my book sales as a part of Maryann's private coaching program. If you have any questions about the value of this program or working with Maryann, you may contact me directly at Ellescreativetouch at yahoo dot com." Eleanor Murphy, Passion Expert

"Before the ‘Sell It before You Write It’ Boot Camp, I had been telling myself that I wanted to write a book. In fact, there were several books in me waiting to be birthed. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a clear plan. I was inspired with many ideas but unfocused – not a good combination! I had participated in a few book writing telesummits to get more information but these events, while full with great ideas, lacked the step-by-step guidance I desired.

Maryann’s program fit my need at the right time. I was tired of telling myself that I was working on my book when I was not really making any progress. I was ready to take action; I just needed clear guidance. The ‘Sell It before You Write It’ Boot Camp helped me focus my energy and time on the key elements that were most needed to get my book idea accepted by a publisher. I discovered that I needed to more clearly define my target audience and message. Great! Better to do it now rather than waste time later. Looking back, I see I’ve made tremendous progress in a few weeks time and am much closer to getting my book published.

If you are thinking about writing a book, or have one written already and need help selling it to a major publisher, I highly recommend Maryann’s program. She is a great teacher, has extensive real-results experience to share and offers many opportunities to get personal feedback on your project." Nat Couropmitree

.... I wanted to thank you for the class. I'm a structure person and you definitely provided me with structure for this whole process. I know 300% more now than I did 3 weeks ago. Thank you for that. I love to research and write, it's the selling myself that feels odd. I'll have to get over that.--Dr. Carol Langois,

Here's How To Start:

You log in and begin the course on my new platform right here! Once a month for 1-year, you will get step-by-step strategies, interviews with experts, audio recordings and more.

You get:

  • motivating pre-recorded how-to videos with insider tips, advice and resources you can't find on Google
  • content-rich, pre-recorded audio interviews w/top experts
  • discussion platform to ask questions and get support fast

Each month will take you through the process of:

  • Clarifying your idea
  • Creating a hook
  • Attracting an agent and/or finding the right publishing platform
  • Building your network of publishing professionals and resources
  • Increasing your visibility using little known marketing techniques and what you can't find on Google
  • Building expert status and credibility
  • Establishing a platform and publicity opportunities

Before the end of your membership, after following and implementing the month-to-month strategies, you can have:

  • A powerful book to sell
  • A strong platform to sell to
  • An irresistible hook to help you attract an audience and agent
  • Increased visibility to pull media opportunities to you
  • Completed this faster than you could on your own!

Remember this:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Cancel anytime
  • No refunds

Waiting List Only.

Contact me at 877 207 3847 with questions.

Publishing Coach, St. Martins Press Author

Maryann Reid

SELL IT BEFORE YOU WRITE IT (Starts Nov 1)You are a solo entrepreneur or creative professional and have published a book or want to. You're a professional with an innovative way to solve a social problem.You don't have the time to put in all the work and effort it takes to start an idea from scratch, or to invest money and long nights in a book that you are not sure will sell. You need to stand out from the crowd and can't risk losing money on anymore "maybes". You want to compel others to take some sort of action .You end up publishing your book and hitting the pavement, social media, and networks to sell it, or like some, you may be waiting for your publisher to do it only to find out that doesn't work either. Nobody is buying and the help you desire to give others is lost. So, you start again. With another book, and repeat. Sound familiar?If you have few sales, you have few people reading your book. Your goal to help, teach, entertain or inspire others is incomplete. There are people you have left out. Who could help you write more books, and you can help them. Like a true partnership. The goal is to get so many people to DEMAND and read your books that you have to keep up with them. And I mean lots of people.You should never write a book before you sell it.I know it’s probably contrary to what you’ve been told. The “usual” way is to write the book, work really hard at it, and work really hard at making some sales. At the end of the day, your hard work does not deliver the sales you really need. That brings you back to needing a new book, a new idea and starting the whole process over again. No wonder many people give up after writing one book.Here’s another way. You can write a book, and when it’s published, hire a publicist to build hype to sell your books. But what if you don’t have four-figures for a retainer fee or if you used the bulk of your money on getting the book into stores? Or if you are traditionally published, you used most of your advance money on bills?What now?

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How I Sold My First Book With No Book

    • Welcome!

    • How I Sold It Before I Wrote It

  • 2

    Keep Your Book Sexy With This

    • How To Make Your Book Controversial - Safely

  • 3

    Make Your Audience Crave Your Book With This

    • Make Your Audience Feel Good

  • 4

    Make Your Book Into A "Promise"

    • How To Make Your Book's Message Into A "Promise"

  • 5

    Why You Need A "System" To Sell Books

    • How To Set It & Forget It

  • 6

    Interview with Former Viking Penguin Editor, Janet Goldstein

    • Backstage-Pass-To-Publishing

  • 7

    Get A Literary Agent Fast

    • Literary-Agents-411

  • 8

    Make a Killin' On Kindle - Interview With Author Michael Alvear

    • Kindle Bootcamp

  • 9

    Build Buzz - Write Your Press Release, Create Media Lists

    • Press Release and Media Lists

    • BONUS!

  • 10

    Build Buzz - Develop Your Talking Points To Promote Your Book

    • TalkingPointsandMore

  • 11

    How To Be A Media Magnet - Personality, etc

    • Buzz-Attraction-Auth-and-Personality

    • BONUS!

  • 12

    Increasing Visibility on Social Media Without Getting Lost

    • How To Create Social Media Visibility Without Overwhelm

  • 13

    Conclusion - Video

    • Bonus!

    • Please give your feedback

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